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Spoken Agreement Crossword Clue: What It Means and How to Solve It

If you`re an avid crossword solver, you`ve probably come across the clue “spoken agreement” at some point. This clue might seem a bit vague and broad, but fear not! There are a few ways to approach it that can help you solve the crossword.

Firstly, let`s break down the clue. “Spoken” refers to something that has been said out loud, while “agreement” means a mutual understanding or accord between two or more parties. So, essentially, the clue is asking for a word or phrase that describes a verbal agreement.

One potential answer to this clue is “oral contract.” An oral contract is a type of agreement that is made verbally and doesn`t require any written documentation. This might be used, for example, in a business deal between two parties who want to work together but haven`t yet formalized their arrangement in writing.

Another potential answer is “gentleman`s agreement.” This phrase refers to an informal agreement between two parties that is based on trust and honor. It might be used, for example, in a situation where two competitors in a business agree not to poach each other`s employees.

Of course, these aren`t the only possible answers to the “spoken agreement” clue. Depending on the length and style of the crossword puzzle, there may be other words or phrases that fit the bill as well.

As with any crossword clue, it`s helpful to look at the surrounding clues and letters to try and deduce the answer. Are there any letters already filled in that might offer a clue to the word you`re looking for? Is there a pattern to the length of the word (e.g. six letters)? Are there other clues that might provide a hint as to the theme or topic of the puzzle?

Ultimately, solving the “spoken agreement” crossword clue comes down to a combination of deductive reasoning, vocabulary knowledge, and a bit of luck. But armed with the knowledge of what the clue means and a few possible answers to consider, you`ll be well on your way to completing the puzzle. Happy solving!